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Evan luthraSince 2014, has been a prolific crypto-angel investor. He was an early discovery of (the fastest growing tech company in 2016), Wheelys Cafe (1,099 cafes in 40 countries), and most recently invested in the seed cycles of (the multi-billion dollar crypto currency), (2nd largest game ad publishers), JoshTalks, FTcash, and many other companies.

Entrepreneur inspired more than one when, simultaneously leaving his first company and taking over the company, he was an inspiration to many. TedXscene at the age 17. Evan has given hundreds of speeches worldwide for organizations such as the United Nations, Google, Blockchain Life, and Nielsen.

Evan has many more 2 Million SubscribersInstagram ( is his daily advice for investing in the crypto markets. Evan’s portfolio companies and the industrial network will create powerful synergies. ecosystem.


Soldex.aiThis is the first Basic Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to be established on Solana. Soldex.aiThis allows users to make peer-to–peer transactions using cash provided by the users. The third generation cryptocurrency exchange will use advanced machine learning algorithms and neural network algorithm to solve the problems currently faced by decentralized exchanges in order matching, central exchanges, custody without confidence, and other issues.

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