Cardano, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are the most popular cryptocurrencies here in Singapore.

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A new study in Singapore shows that Ethereum is the most widely used cryptocurrency among over 4,000 adults. Cardano is second, while bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency.

Singapore-based crypto investors prefer Ethereum and Bitcoin to Cardano

The new state of Crypto in Singapore 2021 Joint studyMonday’s release by Seedly and Coinmarketcap was made public. It includes a survey of 4,348 adults between 18 and 65 who live in Singapore, as well as their household incomes.

The investigation took place between June 29th, and July 9, 2018. It included 2,862 people who reported being current cryptocurrency holders and 1,486 people who did not report being crypto holders. One in five crypto owners surveyed was female.

According to the survey results 78% of respondents who owned cryptocurrency claimed they owned ethereumETH69% said that they believed bitcoin was the answer.BTC), 40% said cardano (ADA), 31% said binance coin (BNB), and 25% said XRP. The report describes:

2,236 crypto holders currently own 2,862 coins. ETH. BTCIt is the second most widely used cryptocurrency with 1,975 crypto owners holding it. The third and fourth are ADA BNBThe following are held by 1,141 and 893 investors.

According to the survey, these are the most popular cryptocurrencies. Source: Seedly report, Gemini report, and Coinmarketcap.

The report notes: “With ETH. BTC ADAWomen trade and hold the most popular cryptocurrency for both sexes, Bitcoin. XRPDOT [polkadot]They are more than their male counterparts. USDT [tether]The male crypto holders are more interested in cryptocurrencies that have the symbol ‘.

Covid-19 has also affected crypto investors. According to the report, “2/3 of the 2,862 people who invested crypto” invested more due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The report adds, “The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted more Singaporeans to invest in crypto. “

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