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BlockBankUsers will be able to earn interest on USD Coin (USDC stablecoin) with rates up to 60x the US average for traditional savings accounts.

BlockBank backs your USDC, giving you full confidence while earning interest. BlockBank V2 is now available. This update will allow you to view your wallet in real time and receive monthly payments. There are no fees or withdrawal limits.

Everyone is interested in passive income and getting the best interest rates. In fact, interest rates at traditional banks have fallen to almost nothing over the years, which makes it difficult to earn passive income from your assets. The average US savings account rate is 0.07% per year. High-yield savings accounts are around 1%.

BlockBank’s high-yield alternative to traditional savings accounts offers a competitive rate on your USDC. This stable coin can still be traded individually for USD. You can earn as much as 60 times the amount of traditional savings accounts and as much 4 times as high yield savings account by lending your USDC directly to BlockBank.

Investors have noticed a rise in crypto interest accounts, which offer attractive rates for client assets. High interest rates can be attractive, but they can also present risks. You may discover that your assets are being loaned to unidentified third parties, subject to their credit risk, and could lose all of your crypto holdings.

BlockBank wants its customers to have the opportunity to earn higher interest than traditional banks and to provide security and peace-of-mind. BlockBank is proud and happy to offer a Master guarantee for USDC on every BlockBank account.

“Integration with the USDC ecosystem will allow our users to achieve high yield APYs in a risk free and assured platform.

It is clear that we will be here to stay and compete against the best suppliers in our market.

– Darren Franceschini, COO – BlockBank

BlockBank app V2 will be released. It will be as easy USDC for pool, and you will immediately start earning USDC APRs on your account.

Earning safe on USDC is only the beginning – BlockBank will continue creating more rewarding ways for crypto savings holders to earn interest. You can see all the ways that you can earn interest in holding cryptocurrencies and stablecoins by visiting the Interest section on your BlockBank wallet.


The USDC standard is both an open standard and a smart contract. It quickly created the largest stablecoin industry network in the world. The USDC standard has been supported by hundreds of businesses and products. USDC creates value across the entire blockchain ecosystem.

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BlockBankIt is a unique solution that combines both decentralized and central technology in a simple and secure web and mobile application. BlockBank’s vision for a crypto app is to simplify the user experience and not compromise security, privacy or decentralization. BlockBank aims at combining the best of DeFi & CeFi in one app, and incorporating patented Robo Advisor technology for financial empowerment to customers.

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