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PSV, the Dutch football giant, has signed a partnership deal with a crypto exchange. The sponsorship will be entirely paid in bitcoin. “PSV are the first club in the EU to receive the sponsorship amount in crypto,” the soccer club said.

PSV professional football club Hodl’ Bitcoin

PSV Eindhoven (the main Dutch football team) announced on Tuesday that it will use Bitcoin with the Anycoin Direct cryptocurrency exchange. Eindhoven is a professional Dutch sports club that plays at the Eredivisie, which is the highest level in Dutch football.

“PSV has entered into a unique partnership agreement with Anycoin Direct,” details the announcement.

The total sponsorship amount will all be paid in bitcoin. PSV is first club in Europe to receive the sponsorship amount via crypto.

The club used crypto technology to first sell a token (NFT), commemorating their 1988 European Cup 1 victory over Benfica.

Anycoin Direct is a local startup located in the Eindhoven region. It will be the “official Partner of PSV” for the next two seasons. PSV confirmed that the club would confirm the agreement, adding: “The main purpose of the club is to increase awareness of crypto and Anycoin Direct via Europe.” Anycoin Direct allows you to buy and sell 28 cryptocurrencies.

Frans Janssen, Commercial Director of PSV, commented: “The possibilities and the future of the cryptocurrency world are very bright. As a club located in Brainport, we are always innovating. Cryptocurrency fits well into that image. PSV announced that Janssen, who signed the agreement with Anycoin Direct immediately after signing it, created Bitcoin wallets in order to facilitate the partnership agreement.

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