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Turkish police opened an investigation into a dogecoin investing program that allegedly deceived 350 million dogecoins from approximately 1,500 investors.

Dogecoin Scheme Dupes Investors In Turkey

The Attorney General’s Office in Küçükçekmece, a suburb of Istanbul, is carrying out a full-scale investigation into a cryptocurrency scam, Turkish broadcaster TV100 reported this week.

The system claims it is a cryptocurrency system called “Dogecoin Mining”. It promised 100% profit within 40 days.

Turgut V. was the alleged mastermind behind the scam. He organized one-on-1 meetings in luxurious venues with attractive promotions to convince investors to sign up for the program. Turgut V. also used Telegram to trick investors into transferring their dogsecoins to his system.

The system worked well for three months, and investors were able receive the promised returns on a regular basis. This has led to a significant increase in the number investors. Around 1,500 people transferred their dogecoins directly to the program.

Turgut V. shut down the system in the fourth month. Turgut V. was unable to connect and confused investors tried to contact him or his associates by telephone or at their offices, but to no avail.

Some investors realized that they were being defrauded and filed a complaint through Sinan Keskin, their lawyer. One of the victims, Ecem Ashyrova, told TV100: “I deposited 4 million dogecoins. Right now, I have 12 million Turkish Liras. We were promised 100% after a 40-day pass, but what we actually had is gone.

The Turkish Bureau of Terrorism and Organized Crime opened an investigation into Turgut V. and 11 others associated with him. Turgut V. was also barred from leaving the country by a ban issued by the prosecutor.

According to the survey Turgut V. had collected 350,000,000 dogecoins within the fourth month of the system’s operation. The cryptocurrency currently trades at $ 0.2849. This amount is approximately $ 100 million at the current DOGE price.

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