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MakerDAO had shared “The Endgame Plan” to enhance protocol governance mechanisms and leverage DeFi innovation. Nevertheless, disagreements amongst MakerDAO group members hampered the protocol’s means to make sophisticated selections, resulting in voter apathy and poor accountability. Rune Christensen, co-founder of MakerDAO, shared the fact of the scenario. He stated the established order of 1 producer is untenable. Christensen identified that the MKR is nearly nugatory as a result of cumulative multi-dimensional threat. Members of the MakerDAO group, following the Twister Money sanctions and Circle’s choice to blacklist all USDC contracts in Twister Money, have questioned if the decentralized autonomous group can utterly transfer away from its reliance on centralized seizable property. However Christensen stated shifting away from USDC altogether had its downsides. He thinks the floating DAI would lose its value stability anchor to the US greenback. This measure can solely be taken underneath authoritarian menace. Christensen stated political and structural issues that nobody has ever found earlier than are within the workforce. He identified that nobody can repair it, and people who might, would by no means waste their time and sanity combating the rubbish politics of those that merely need to create drama or those that intention to keep up budgets. afloat. The MakerDAO co-founder thinks the Endgame proposal can clear up a number of the issues. The proposal understands the problems and addresses them. It provides lasting advantages of decentralization and token governance that goes past regulatory arbitrage. This should be demonstrated virtually. However quite a few MakerDAO group members aren’t satisfied. A member informed Christensen that no key individuals will admit to disagreeing with him. He stated the co-founder is inevitably surrounded by sycophants. The one factor the MakerDAO group might agree on is to look to real-world property to make sure the soundness of DAI’s worth.

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