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1inch, a decentralized exchange (dex), aggregator, announced on August 17th that the platform would benefit from Project Optimism’s Layer 2, called optimistic rollups. The collaboration with Optimism aims at “dramatically increasing transaction speeds and reducing gasoline costs for the users by 1 inch.”

1 inch to access the optimistic totals of L2 via Optimism Gateway

Ethereum faces transaction congestion and higher fees in 2021. Therefore, innovations revolving about Layer 2 (L2) as well as sidechain scaling solutions have been promoted. plan of conversations. Side chains such as Polygon (formerly Matic), or Binance Smart Chains (BSC), can be used to avoid high charges for ether gas. There are also protocols that have not been proven as well as the major side chains but promise to reduce ether charges as well as network congestion.

A specific concept is “Positive accumulations”Has been a very popular L2 solution and there are two teams looking to provide the solution to the general public. Arbitrator OptimismThese are the main projects that have created optimistic stacking solutions. News reported about the upcoming launch Arbitrum this month and Arbitrum One. These will provide real-time information for all blockchain projects using Arbitrum. News also reported Reddit’s decision not to use Arbitrum for its community tokens.

Co-founder of 1inch. Optimistic Ethereum, a promising L2 solution that focuses on scalability, is a very promising L2 solution.

Many projects will also benefit from the solution offered by Optimism. The dex 1inch aggregator explained Tuesday that the protocol would use Optimism’s optimistic stacking technology. The project notes that Uniswap uses the solution and users can access a gateway via the Optimism website. 1inch announced Tuesday that it plans to increase transactions and reduce fees for 1inch users. The co-founder of 1inch. Sergej Kunz, is a supporter for optimistic rollups. She also highly praises Ethereum’s L2 solution.

“Optimistic Ethereum is a very promising scalability-focused L2 solution, and the 1-inch launch on Optimistic will facilitate a dramatic increase in transaction speed,” Kunz said during the presentation. Announcement. 1inch clarified that Optimism’s initial throughput will allow for 0.6 transactions per second. “However,” said the 1inch team. “Trading on Optimistic is expected to accelerate as the project team tests and optimizes its infrastructure as part of a strategy to create a low-cost, high-speed solution ideally suited for DEX trading. “

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