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A number of blockchain developers have been working to make atomic exchanges a reality for some time. The Monero project developers claim that atomic exchanges between monero and bitcoin are now possible via the asb software from the COMIT team.

Cross-chain Bitcoin exchange and Monero exchange in an untrustworthy manner

Monero announced that Bitcoin (BTC). monero (XMR)The COMIT network has created an implementation that allows atomic swaps to be made available. Monero, a developer, wrote the ad. ErciccioneThis explains why “the COMIT team’s atomic swap implementation is mature enough for use on the Monero network”.

The workstation for the developer comes with InstructionsOn how to exploit the Atomic Exchange Protocol, users should use a program created by the COMIT team and called “Asb software. Erciccione asked people to begin testing the protocol, and to ‘let’ them. [developers]If you have problems, let us know. The software is new and could have unexpected bugs. The Monero protocol developer insists that you should be cautious and only test small amounts.

The privacy-centric Tor network can be used to leverage the Bitcoin to Monero atomic currency exchange protocol

Since the announcement of this feature, Monero has seen a significant increase in its value. Year-to-date, monero (XMR) gained 226% while over the last month, XMRUp 42% Monero is well-known for its privacy features, which are activated by default. Users cannot send transparent transactions. Obfuscated XMRTransactions are delivered using Signature technology for ring ringsBulletproofStealthy addresses. Other privacy-focused coins saw significant monthly gains as well.

The atomic exchange announcement clarifies the protocol’s operation over the Tor network, so users can enjoy greater privacy during the exchange operation. ErciccioneAccording to the author, swap providers that offer liquidity should be found. Unstoppableswap.netOffers BTC XMRAtomic exchange services are available to those who have learned how to use the protocol. Other blockchain projects, such as Zcash or Komodo, have also contributed to atomic exchange technology.

What do YOU think of the bitcoin-to-monero atomic currency exchange protocol? Let us know what your opinion is in the comments below.

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