Derivatives Exchange Bitget Unveils New Logo

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Derivatives Exchange Bitget unveiled its new logo on August 23. It was designed to signify a place where people can trade freely, and use leverage to achieve their financial goals.

Bitget says that Bit is a mix word derived from binary, digit, and the smallest unit information. This suggests a business that is based upon digitization and IT. “Get” represents interaction, a kind of connection between the platform and the outside world. In combination, the name Bitget expresses its “Better Trading Better Life” mission and commitment to providing liberal, ultimate and fair trading services.

Two interactive arrows are used in the new LOGO to represent Bitget’s liquidity, activity, and his pursuit of freedom and fairness. It also reflects the nature platform trading. Bitget is committed to putting users first and guiding them to success through transactions. The new adopted blue color is a symbol of the energy and vitality in the crypto industry. It also conveys a sense boldness and creativity, which Bitget wants to share with its users.

The new logo is a tribute to Bitget’s achievements in the past as well as a representation of Bitget’s vision for the future. In three years since its inception, Bitget has become the Top6 derivatives platform, just behind professional FTX, Bybit, and other major exchanges. Bitget now has over 1.6 million registered users from 48 countries and regions, including Japan and South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, and an average daily transaction volume in excess of 5.6 billion. dollars. It has grown to be one of the most important derivatives exchanges worldwide.

Bitget’s CEO Sandra said that Bitget will continue to improve derivatives trading in the last months of the year. Its goal is to offer futures-focused products and services to users and expand to global markets, such as South America and Japan, Central Europe, Russia, and Central Europe, on the principle that compliant operations are localized and localized. As Bitget intensifies its globalization efforts and connects with users from more countries, a simpler and unique logo to display a new culture and new corporate values ​​becomes a necessity.

Last month, it released a new tagline “Better Trading Better Life”, stating that every user around the world can enjoy a liberal, ultimate and fair trading experience on Bitget and make their financial dreams come true using leverage. “The new logo reflects not only a change in appearance, but also a stronger inner spirit. The updated logo and slogan reflect our corporate culture. Bitget will continue to surprise users with its brand new image. Sandra said.

About Bitget

Bitget, which was established in July 2018, is one the fastest-growing derivatives exchanges in the globe. It supports spot trading, futures trades and the purchase of crypto assets. Bitget is a platform that strives for perfection and innovation. Bitget was the first platform to launch three flagship products: USDT-Margined Futures and One-Click Copy Trade. . It is now the Top6 derivate exchange and the largest crypto copy-trading platform in the world.


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