Cudos team up with Sator to bring you decentralized TV.

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As blockchain technology expands its horizons it is now that Hollywood is paying attention. The introduction of a brand new decentralized series called ‘HODL’ will bring the spotlight to Hollywood. It will feature fan engagement tokens along with highlight mining services. Everyone.

Audience for mining and token incentives

The art is a representation of life, in one last expression of the blockchain universe. This tale tells of a budding entrepreneur and a blockchain project moving towards viewers’ screens.

Cudos, a Layer 1 or 2 decentralized blockchain network has partnered with the upcoming HODL TV series, and Sator fan engagement protocol, to provide a value added experience to viewers through its mining platform.

Abbreviation of Hold On For Your Life,HODL”Will revolve around Aveer, a symbolic project named after a lost friend, chronicling the comedy and drama that followed. The series will air on TV in 2022. It draws inspiration from real-life crypto and features a variety of crypto personalities as well as a soon-to be-announced Hollywood A lister who will play Satoshi Nakamoto. .

The fiction work that will be produced by Tag photosChris Martin, who also serves as the CEO of Sator, co-authored and distributed the document in a decentralized format. SatorThe public can purchase Fan Engagement Tokens (SATOR) through. This will allow the “HODL” audience to connect to their memories of the show. Download the Sator app to view compatible content, participate in interactive games and quizzes, and earn the platform’s native SATOR token.

Cudo Miner will be presented to viewers via TV spots as part of the television series that will feature the rapprochement between these two projects. Cudo’s mining app is designed to allow users to take advantage of computing power to generate tokens. It automatically adjusts to mine profitable coins and maximizes returns.

The Cudos ecosystem is now complete with the miner, who provides on-demand cloud computing services that are decentralized and available 24/7. These services are derived from the community’s spare computing and graphics resources. Cudos Network wants to play a greater role in the entertainment sector, considering the huge resources required to render the video during post-production.

The new partnership will allow “HODL” viewers to download the Cudos Mining app and earn SATOR tokens to bid on NFT digital memorabilia, or opportunities for appearing in storylines for the TV series.

HODL isn’t an industry first attempt to bring a cryptocurrency-themed TV series to a larger audience. “StartUp,” a crypto-focused show that debuted on Crackle, a free streaming service from Sony Pictures Entertainment, ran for three seasons before being discontinued.

“Crypto Castle Chronicles,” a reality show that was supposed to follow young crypto entrepreneurs in the so called Crypto Castles, was cancelled before it was released.

While the idea of ​​crypto-entertainment isn’t necessarily new, these cases demonstrate just how difficult it has been for crypto to break into more mainstream entertainment, and the hurdles the industry faces as it tries. to appeal to more people.

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