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Saturday, August 28th, Cryptopunks’ non-fungible token (NFT), reached $ 1 billion in all-time sales. Cryptopunks join NFT heavyweights AxieInfinity’s $1.6 billion and Openea’s $ 3.53 trillion.

Three NFT projects were sold for more than $ 1 billion

The Cryptopunks non fungible token project is now a $1 billion NFT collection. According to statistics, all-time sales have reached $1.095 Billion. data. Cryptopunks holds a number of records on the “bestsellers page” of, in terms NFT sales. Cryptopunks ranks just below Openea ($ 3.54 billion), and Axie infinity ($ 1.68 billion) for all-time sales.

Cryptopunks NFT Collection Joins Axie Infinity and Opensea Reaching $ 1 Billion in Sales

Cryptopunk #8888, which sold for 888.8ethers or $ 2.87million, was the biggest sale on August 28. Cryptopunk # 9370 sold on Saturday for 499.99 ether or approximately $ 1.63 million with ethereum (also available).ETH) exchange rate at the time of sale.

Cryptopunk # 2310 was purchased for 380 ETHCryptopunk # 9100 was sold for 350 Ethereums, or $ 1.14 Million, and Cryptopunk# 7674 was sold for 342.69 Ethers, or $ 1.11 Million, Saturday afternoon (ET).

According to Market StatisticsCryptopunk’s sales this week are just below Artblocks. Artblocks had 24,454 sales, totalling $ 228 millions. However, seven-day statistics show Cryptopunk only registered 686, and also registered $ 173million.

Entity owns 254 cryptocurrencypunks, NBA Top Shots sales reach $ 671 millions

There are 10,000 Cryptopunks in existence, and 2,888 wallets today contain at least one NFT Cryptopunk. One entity can own 254 punks and 75% of punk owner own more than one Cryptopunk. The seven-day project’s sales jumped 750%, and Cryptopunks sold $ 144.605 millions to 343 traders.

Cryptopunks’ all-time sales of $ 1.095billion is more than any other projects on NBA Top Shot’s sales total $ 671 million, Rarible $ 197 millions, and Superrare $ 103 million as of August 28, 2013.

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