Crypto Veterans Start NFTs – Waltonchain Mystery Box Review

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Today I’m going to show you an event that I witnessed at a Chinese public IoT + Blockchain network. It was listed on Binance as far back as 2017. Waltonchain was silent for some time, but then they revealed a new roadmap that includes NFTs in the early 2021. According to their roadmap, they now do NFTs.

Official announcement

Waltonchain: A brief introduction

Waltonchain is an open-source public chain that supports the trading ecosystem. This IoT project combines blockchain and RFID. It advocates for the real economy, and promotes Industry 4.0. WTC is the project’s part. Website: They can also be found at CMC:

Waltonchain published the WTA Autonomous Ecosystem Token (November 2019) on its mainnet. WTA is a child token that earns collateral interests. WTC holders can lock certain WTCs in their WTA app to receive WTA payments. You can find more details in their Blue Paper.

Let’s now talk business. Waltonchain has a cute KiWa brand animal mascot. It is used for this NFT print. The rules are simple. You can buy 1 randomly colored KiWa Mystery Box at 1,000 WTA (Child Channel Coins). KiWa comes in three colors. A purple can be exchanged for 100 WTC; a blue for 50WTC and a green for 10, 10 and 10 WTC respectively. In the first round, Mystery Boxes can only hold 1,000 coins.

The current market prices are $ 0.97 for WTC and $ 0.0707 for WTA (the ratio being 128 WTA per 1 WTC). In this example, you can get at least 10 WTC per 1000 WTA. This results in a 100:1 ratio, which is more than you can get on the market. The project states that they want the community to benefit from their efforts, which seems true. There are limited prizes available, so please apply early. The WTC is listed on major exchanges such as Binance, Huobi and OKEx so it looks legit.

  1. How to get WTA

You can lock the WTC in WTA app to get WTA, as shown above. This is an option to get WTA free of charge if you already own WTC. Download the WTA app directly here:

Application store
Google play:

What about new users? I discovered that the WTA was on earlier in the year. There you can purchase WTA directly:

I was browsing the Waltonchain community was surprised to discover that there are many WTA holders. If the price and depth at are not right for you, you may turn to the community to buy over-the counter WTA (at your own risk).

  1. How to win the Jackpot
    The website has information for those who just want to attend events to try to get the WTC. The point is you can get a 10 bonus WTC jackpot if you collect three colors of KiWa (purple blue and green). .

Waltonchain has a vibrant international community. You can sell your KiWa, especially the rare purple one, to someone who wants it back and to collect all colors.

  1. How to earn 1 ETH by collecting 9 KiWa colors
    This is the first round of a series that has a prize pool worth 20,000 WTC. In the next rounds, 9 KiWa colors will also be available. You can exchange your KiWas for 1 Ethereum if you collect 9 different colors. Double the rewards are available if you also have a Jackpot. For 1 ETH, you can play with 10 WTC. It’s worth a shot.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

The NFT exchange will be supported indefinitely by the project, so it may be more profitable to keep rare NFTs for a while longer. You can trade them for WTC, or perhaps for a higher OTC value in the community.

Good luck with NFTs


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