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After a security breach that resulted in the loss of $ 80 million in digital assets, Liquid, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended withdrawals and deposits. The platform released the addresses and claimed that the hacker was transferring funds into a cold store.

Hacker targets Japanese crypto exchange cash

Asian cryptocurrency exchange Liquid Global confirms that it was the target of a hacking attempt. The coin trading platform, Liquid Global, tweeted that some of its hot assets had been compromised. It said that it is currently investigating.

LiquidThe Financial Services Agency of Japan has granted a license to. The exchange also stated that it was moving cryptocurrency assets to cold wallets.

The trading platform then published four addresses. BTC? ETH? TRX, XRPThe hacker is believed to have taken control of this file. While he didn’t give an estimate of how much the stolen crypto was worth, early reports indicated that it was at least $ 80 million in the hours before the announcement.

In a follow up TweeterLiquid claimed that it is working closely with other cryptocurrency exchanges to recover and freeze digital money. Kucoin has blacklisted hacker addresses since they were posted. Liquid Global added:

We will continue to collaborate with the community in order to take appropriate actions.

The Japanese platform claimed that it continued to monitor the movement of the misappropriated assets. It noted that the hacker had filed XRPvia another exchange, and withdrew BTCAt two additional addresses. Liquid has updated the list of tracked transactions and crypto addresses.

This is not the second time Liquid has been hacked. The exchange acknowledged a leak of user data in November 2020. One AnnouncementThe company insisted that the attack was contained and assured customers that the funds are “safe” and secure. He also said that he had conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s infrastructure, and promised to strengthen it.

The latest attack on Liquid follows the recent hacker-inflicted loss of more than $ 600 million to the Poly Network’s decentralized funding (challenge). The attacker returned large amounts of the August 10 funds stolen by the project team a few days later.

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