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Center, the consortium formed by Circle and Coinbase around USD coin (USDC), has gathered a team of new leaders in order to expand its overseas operations. David Puth (CEO of Center) has assembled six new leaders to support new partners and create new alliances to ensure that the company continues to grow. The new team will work together to create a global network of stable coins that is interoperable.

Center Consortium increases its team to create Stablecoin network

Center, the consortium behind issuance of USDC (USDC), reportedSix new members have been hired to expand its reach, create partnerships overseas and build a global stablecoin network. Center’s CEO David Puth assembled this team in just nine month and hopes to connect new partners and establish new standards. Puth said:

This team was assembled to ensure that we have the right talent to create meaningful growth and maintain high standards of integrity, compliance, and trust.

John Shipman is the Commercial Director; Mark duBose is Director of Risk and Compliance; Beth Zolkind is Chief Financial Officer; Chad Richman is Senior Counsel; Jessica Gardner Head of Business Operations; and Kevin Mills is a graduate manager. All have extensive experience from working in companies such as PwC and Circle, Fenwick & West or SOM.

Launchpad to Extension

The new team will be a launching pad to expand the business. Puth revealed that with the new hires, Center aims to push forward the idea of ​​a global stable coin network, and that they are already doing so. He declared:

We have been working with overseas partners to connect interoperable, stable parts that are built to Center standards in other countries like USDC.

He revealed that Center has been in discussions with a few partners about launching two stablecoins within the European region. USDC, Center’s stablecoin, has seen strong growth in the last year. It is currently sitting in a market capitalizationAt the time of writing, $ 27.4 trillion was available. Circle, one of its issuers announced in July that it would go public during the fourth quarter of this fiscal year.

However, USDC is still a dominant figure. USDTTether’s first stablecoin, a. Market capitalizationIt is represented on many chains including Tron and Ethereum, with a market capitalization of $ 66 million. There are also other major competitors in the stablecoin market. The top five stablecoins by market capital today are Binance Usd, Dai, and Terra Usd.

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