Cardano Innovators KICK.IO public sales gear up for takeoff on ExMarkets September 16

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Cardano is leading the pack after a disappointing July. Cardano’s price has risen to new heights and its vast community is searching for projects that will accelerate Ethereum’s departure from the DeFi industry.

KICK.IO. This plan will be launched from a nondepository fundraising launch pad on Cardano’s network. To reach her goals, she chose to Hold its IEO on ExMarkets September 16Cardano’s most well-known exchange is, which is a decentralized one. The public sales of ADAX YaySwapThe choice of platform is not surprising, among many others.

KICK.IOThe platform should be a place where Cardano’s vast network can come together to finance high-growth projects, and pick the winners of the future. KICK.IO is a team of finance professionals that offers full support for native Cardano tokens and all the necessary approval and start-up capabilities to help projects succeed. KICK.IO is committed to ensuring that only the most promising and credible projects are successful – those with the greatest potential of making a meaningful contribution in the Cardano ecosystem.

KICK public sale – Launched September 16, 2021

KICK.IOThe sale will go public on September 16th. It is already heavily oversubscribed by institutional and retail investors. With a fixed limit of $ 22,680,000, there are endless possibilities. Phase 1 will see 24,000,000 tokens going on sale for $ 0.22 each, while phase 2 will see 14,000,000 tokens going on sale for $ 0.26 each. Visit the websiteTo learn more about token sales, contact the KICK.IO Sales team!

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