Cardano: Alonzo enters final stage, smart contracts end?

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Cardano is racing towards its Alonzo Hard Fork Combiner event (HFC), in order to fully implement smart contract capabilities. The community is closely monitoring developments as AlonzoPurple enters its final phase.

Input-Output Global, which is responsible for this blockchain’s development, has recently announced that they have submitted a proposal to upgrade the system. This will allow Cardano to transition into “the Alonzo age”.

IOG stated that the process was completed and will be completed in a matter of hours. The company has called this final test step for HFC Alonzo a “milestone”.

IOG also confirmed that Cardano has taken a “critical step” to ensure Plutus, the company’s native smart contract platform, is implemented before the mainnet split. The company confirmed that September 12 will be the last stage of the HFC-Alonzo event.e, 2021.

In the coming days, we will be running final tests and checks in controlled environments to ensure that we are ready to upgrade #Cardano’s mainnet. Weher in a new era of transformative smart contracts.

Dimitris Poulopoulos, IOG’s delivery manager, called the new stage “the final dress rehearsal”. Before full implementation, all components and smart contracts platform must be in operation for a specific period.

Developers will fix any issues identified during this time before the mainnet is deployed. In addition, the team will “confirm” the stability of the network and its other elements.

The best part is that the cryptocurrency exchange platforms have tested their configurations and reported and tracked down any bugs or issues. These platforms can function smoothly when the HFC launches.

The company thanked Pioneers, Participation Pool Operators (SPOs), and other partners and celebrated that they are “almost there now”. The HFC Alonzo update is one of the most awaited Cardano updates.

Cardano’s last test before the big show

Charles Hoskinson (creator of Cardano, CEO of IOG), also thanked the community in a video he recently posted to his YouTube channel. Hoskinson confirmed that the team gave the green light for the final stage of testing after reviewing the infrastructure and condition.

He also explained that Alonzo had entered the “maintestnet used for trading” unlike on previous occasions. Once the HFC infrastructure has been ‘knocked down, it will remain on test network until the “update proposals” on September 9.eBefore its launch on 12e. Hoskinson said:

It will likely be a relatively uneventful turnaround, I think. It looks like we are quite happy with it. Everything is on track for the 12the. Big milestone today on the go / no-go decision (…). Thanks to the countless hundreds of people who helped us test the beta and push really hard (…).

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