Budweiser purchases Rocket NFT – ‘King of Beers,’ buys name Beer.eth ENS at $ 96,000

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Numerous well-known brands are now part of the cryptocurrency space and the new non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. Anheuser–Busch Budweiser purchased an NFT on Opensea worth 8 ethers ($25.7K) and is now a part of the NFT market. Budweiser also owns “beer.eth”, a domain name it purchased for 30 ethers ($ 966,000).

Budweiser joins Blockchain fray

The Budweiser-branded beer is one of the most popular in America and is now using blockchain technology. After the many household brands such as Snickers and Milky Way, Slim Jim, Burger King and Oscar Mayer, blockchain technology is now available. BudweiserThey revealed that they had purchased two specific blockchain products.

Budweiser purchased the items and quietly tweeted about it on social networks. The official Twitter profile of the company shows a photo she took of the NFT that she just bought. Budweiser bought the art for the non-fungible token (NFT) called “The party is the lifeblood“Designed by Tom Sachs.

The NFT image depicts a rocket and a wick decorated with lots of Budweiser branding labels. Sachs’ signature can be seen on the NFT image. It reads, “Rocket Factory: The Perfect Rocket.” Budweiser bought the NFT for 8ethers, which is more than $ 25,000 at that time.

Sachs also TweetBudweiser and on sale AnsweredThree rockets emoji. “Welcome to the party,” Sachs said on Twitter. Budweiser bought NFT Cryptopunk, a NFT Cryptopunk that was purchased by Visa for $ 165,000, and this is the reason why NFT was taken over from Budweiser.

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Budweiser buys Beer.eth ENS for $ 96,000

According to the Opensea Marketplace on August 11, 2019, the American beer brand bought an Ethereum name service called “beer.eth” which cost 30 Ether ($ 96,000). Recordings. Essentially, the name beer.eth owned Budweiser refers to Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a distributed extensible naming system that uses the Ethereum protocol. ENS services are still in development, but Budweiser could use a name beer.eth ENS to serve a variety of purposes.

Budweiser has more than 225,000 Twitter followers. The 145-year-old brand is well-known in the United States and internationally. Anheuser-Busch has 32 breweries around the world, but only 12 are located in America.

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