Bitcoin Miners May Face Major Semiconductor Shortage – Costs Of Nanoscale Chips Under 16 To Rise By 20%

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The possibility of a major shortage in semiconductor chips is making headlines again. These chips power almost all things, including new cars and phones as well as computers and other devices. Malaysian reports indicate that there is an increase in Covid-19 cases among semiconductor manufacturers, which is affecting supply chain. These chips are also used to power the machines that protect the Bitcoin network. Therefore, semiconductor prices could rise by more than 20% in near future.

A shortage in semiconductor could lead to a 10-20% increase of chip costs

August 24th, the well-known German engineering and technology company Bosch was founded ExplainThe world is currently facing disruptions in the supply chain of semiconductors. Major shortage of chips. The Covid-19 is to injureThe virus is threatening semiconductor manufacturing centers in Malaysia, such as Malaysia.

Rising coronavirus infections in Malaysia are believed responsible for chip shortages. Major vendors such as STMicroelectronics Nvamong (NXP Semiconductors NV), Infineon Technologies AG and Infineon Technologies AG have chip factories in the country. Taiwan is a country that has a lot of almost zeroCase of Covid-19 – A regional ReportTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company could potentially increase wafer prices by 20%.

Anonymous sources from IC design companies claim that TSMC has informed major clients that they could see a 10–20% increase in all chips that are manufactured below 16nm. Smartphones, computers and cars use sub-16nm manufacturing processes. Some of the most powerful bitcoin mining rigs employ 10nm to sevennm semiconductors.

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Taiwanese Minister for Economy: “Taiwan’s doing its best on the chips.”

Some of the major mining equipment manufacturers have their official websites showing that physical mining products are being sold all over the world, just as they did a few months back. A few companies have rigs for sale there, as Bitmain currently has mining rigs for sale that will ship within ten business days after the item is “fully paid for”. The cost of a mining rig was not available at the time this article was published. Antminer S19j PRO 100 TH/ s is $ 10,000 per unit. Bitmain has now announced that all five Antminer mining equipment are sold out.

Companies like Bitmain, Canaan, and Microbt often announce significant sales to the largest mining operations around the world every now and again in 2021. The average consumer must buy bitcoin mining platforms via secondary market providers. These usually come at a high premium. As companies like BMW, Toyota, and VolkswagenAccessing the chips was difficult for them.

Taiwanese Minister for Economy, Wang Mei Hua Addressed to the publicTuesday, Wang stated that Taiwan is doing all it can to maintain a strong semiconductor supply chain. Wang shared with reporters that Sandra Oudkirk (the U.S. diplomatic in Taiwan) had discussed the issue with him Monday. “I mentioned that Taiwan was doing its best to help with the chips,” Wang told reporters that day.

The global shortage of semiconductors could have a negative impact on bitcoin mining operations. If these shortages continue, things like SoC, processors, GPUs and ASICs will cost more in the future. The cryptocurrency ecosystem can exploit all of the above-mentioned semiconductor products.

What do YOU think about the global shortage of semiconductors and how it could impact bitcoin miners in the near future? Comment below to share your thoughts about this topic.


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