Bali Social Integrated – The Power of Blockchain & Tourism 2.0

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The roadmap it uses to reach its milestones will determine the success of any project. Every step, from the token sale to the security audit, plays a crucial role in the success or failure of the token. Bali Social Integrated, a blockchain-based tourist platform, has chosen the right approach. From launching its token on Uniswap, to being audited by SlowMist.

Bali Social Integrated is dedicated to optimizing the global tourist industry by integrating Blockchain to reduce transactional and operational costs. The platform is decentralized and aims to improve the customer experience of travelers around the globe and provide a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Bali Social Integrated – The technological disruptor

Bali Social IntegratedIt aims to eliminate intermediaries that charge high transaction fees and convenience fees to the tourist industry. Bali Social Integrated makes use of blockchain to create a global platform for travelers and service providers that can interact directly.

Bali Social Integrated uses a $ BSI token, an ERC-20 token, to create a Blockchain-powered payment network that facilitates cross-border transactions. The $ BSI token serves as the lifeline to the entire integrated social network of Bali.

$ BSI Token

The $ BSI Token (crypto token) is designed to help strengthen the Bali Social Integrated payments network. It can be integrated seamlessly with Viaje Network, creating a strong payment network that can be used to make daily transactions across the entire affiliate shop network.

The $ BSI token has many unique uses, including booking flights, booking hotels, renting cars, and other things. Moreover, investors who invest in $ BSI tokens can be a part of the growth and development of the best blockchain powered tourism platform.

Token sale

The The $ BSI token is uploaded to UniswapTo August 23rd at 3:00 p.m. GMT+7 Investors have the chance to buy BSI$ tokens for the first time, and Bali Social Integrated selected the best cryptocurrency exchange to host the list.

After launch, investors will be able to purchase the revolutionary $ BSI tokenWebsite of the BSIWith a fixed price of $ 1 for each BSI token. The company also offers the following benefits: Investors can buy a $ BSI token for 0.00032 ETH. They can also withdraw the tokens out of their portfolio on August 27,

  • Buy a BSI token and receive a 0.1 ETH 5% bonus
  • Buy a BSI token with a bonus 0.5 ETH 10%
  • Buy a BSI token and receive a 1 ETH 15% bonus

These bonuses and benefits can only be obtained by purchasing the token from the official site. For investors who purchase $ BSI tokens on the site, the token will also reward 300,000 BSI coins.

Link to buy $ BSI token:

SlowMist – Smart contract audit

SlowMist is a popular security platform for blockchain ecosystems that certifies promising projects. SlowMist has already been audited smart contracts for Bali Social Integrated. February 26, 2021

All tests have been passed and Bali Social Integrated is safe and secure for transactions. The audit report is available. Here.

Bali Social Integrated, a revolutionary platform, is a great example of how to make a sustainable and prosperous future. It is certain to make waves in the blockchain-powered tourist industry with the $ BSI token being made available on Uniswap.


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