Atari Chain announces that he will use Fantom and experiences a 72% increase (ATRI).

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ATRI, the token of Atari Chain, saw a 72% increase within hours of its announcement that it would be using Fantom blockchain. Atari Chain is the blockchain subsidiary that was created by Atari, the gaming pioneer, and the ICICB organization.

Atari is most well-known for being one the first and greatest video game developers in the world. Atari 2600, the first computer system that was released in 1972, made them a household name. They are well-known for games like Breakout, Space Invaders and Frogger.

Atari Chain, a division within Atari, plunged into the blockchain in 2020 with the launch of Atari Token (ATRI), its own cryptocurrency. It is intended as a payment method within the interactive entertainment agency. It lives on Ethereum blockchain and is compatible to the cryptocurrency ERC-20 compatibility standards.

Atari Token, ATRI (ATRI), joined the decentralized financing platform Fantom(FTM) on September 1, 2020. Fantom’s blockchain (FTM), is an affordable platform that processes transfers in a matter of minutes. The token experienced a massive price rise of more than 72% at its peak, and reached an all-time high $ 0.084 on SpiritSwap.

Andre Cronje, a respected DeFi developer and strong supporter of Fantom Platform (FTM), Tweeted about the Atari token(ATRI), September 1.

Fantom (FTM), solves many of the problems associated with Ethereum blockchains. It approves fund transfers instantly and significantly reduces transaction fees. You can now redeem one ATRI token without incurring huge transaction costs.

Atari (ATRI tokens) were traded on the high-end exchanges Uniswap,, and before that, Atari(ATRI) tokens had been traded on For many consumers, the threshold for purchasing tokens was too high. It is important that Atari tokens remain available on the original platform. Only around 20% of tokens have moved over to Fantom.

Trades can be made on most major Fantom-supported dexes. SpiritSwap? ZooCoin, and also on the popular ETH dex Uniswap.

Investors and buyers loved this move and it led to a significant increase in the token’s price. It began on August 31st, hovering around $ 0.0449. The price had risen 72% to $ 0.082 by the end of September 1.

According to the price is steady at $ 0.078 as per this writing on September 2.

Atari Token’s market cap is very small at $ 65 millions at the time of writing. It has a total of 7.7 million coins and an offer of 890,000. ATRI still offers many advantages, it is evident.

The company is following in the footsteps of its low cost history in the world video game consoles industry, and is striving to make Atari Token (ATRI), easily accessible and affordable for all. Their goal is for players to use chips to bet against each in games of skill, where the winner takes everything.

The Atari VCS is Atari’s most recent gaming project. It is a computer and game system that combines both a console and personal computer. This sleek device can be used to verify blockchain transactions.

It is possible to assume that Atari will use VCS to begin trading Atari Tokens between players. Atari plans to launch online multiplayer gaming, a casino, and even a betting platform using their tokens.


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