Andre Cronje announces that Keep3r has been extended with Eden Network

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Andre Cronje, a well-known developer, has announced a new partnership with Eden Network which will benefit Keep3r users. According to a PublishCronje wrote Keep3r Network’s 602,409 EDEN tokens.

Eden Network, formerly ArcherDAO, is a transaction control protocol that protects its users from “arbitrary reorganizations” when trading on Ethereum. Users are protected against transaction frontrunning by sending transactions via the Eden network.

According to their official site the protocol can be used without breaking consensus and is voluntary. It offers a “fair set” of rules for ordering transactions within each block. It also has a reward system that rewards Miner Extractable Valu (MEV) for their profits.

Keep3r Network is now able to acquire EDEN tokens, which gives it “probabilistic certainty” of becoming a slot tenant in Eden Network.

This will grant premium block space to Keep3r effectively allowing them to “own a slice of each block” and have priority to insert transactions, benefit from private transactions, users will receive better prices for making transactions on Ethereum, and thus Keep3r will increase its adoption levels.

These benefits can only be accessed by using the kp3r proxy. Andre Cronje spoke the following about the Keep3r Network collaboration.

This is a huge advantage for Keep3r, as it allows us to protect gatekeepers and prevent tasks from running while still having priority access block space. More than half the Ethereum hash power is located on the Eden network.

Source: Eden network explorer

Eden Network Helps Solve Ethereum’s High-Fees Problem

NewsBTC reported repeatedly that high transaction fees have become a significant problem for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Solutions have emerged from many sectors such as Flashbots, Eden Network with its user-driven MEV approach, and L2 scaling solutions such as Optimist Rollout.

Ethereum is the epicenter some of the hottest trends in crypto, including DeFi, NFTs and on-chain games. A transaction must be initiated in order to trade or interact with a smart-contract.

Cronje is the developer behind Yearn Finance. He is also known for his motto “I am testing in production” and seems to recognize the importance keeping Keep3r up-to-date with solutions that reduce the problem of high charges.

The goal is to protect users but also encourage them to use Ethereum.

The high operating costs of Ethereum’s network have allowed its competitors and ecosystem to thrive over the past few weeks. Recent rallies by Cardano, Solana, and Cardano went against the market trend.

Eden Network could be more relevant in the short-term, as other projects will prioritise preserving their user base amid current congestion on the Ethereum network. NewsBTC received the following information from the Eden Network team:

This partnership shows the value that top-notch DeFi project find in Eden Network’s priority protocol. We plan to expand merchants’ access to Eden Network. Currently, they are being silently exploited by malicious SRMbots for millions of dollars each week. The many benefits of Eden Network are numerous.

ETH trades at $ 3,225 at the time of writing with a sideways movement coming out of the weekend.

Eden Network Keep3r Network
The daily chart shows ETH moving sideways. Source: ETHUSD trading view


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