An NFT “care package”: tokens that provide humanitarian aid in Afghanistan

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Utility is always a challenging problem in NFT projects. Today, NFT projects that do not provide some type of intrinsic utility or have unique characteristics are unlikely to gain much traction.

Jack Butcher is the creator of See the value. Jack began Visualize Value after years of advertising experience. He wanted to make it easier to learn and teach, create, and sell, so he created it. Jack’s platform offers courses and more. Amazing online contentThat inspires creativity, and thinking outside of the box.

Jack’s most recent project, “Care package”, Allows crypto to play a central role in how we think about charitable giving.

“Care package”

Jack discovered NFTs when conflict was escalating in Afghanistan. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNRA), more than half of a million Afghans were internally displaced in 2015. There are many people in the region who are in desperate need for food, water, shelter, and other resources to live.

“Care Package” is an NFT series of 1,000 priced at 0.03 ETH (approx. $ 87 to cover a family’s emergency costs for one month. 10 packages are also available for 0.28 ETH.

Butcher has raised more than 25 ETH in less than 24 hours after the NFT’s release. This is between single NFTs or 10-packs.

Butcher's "Care Package" NFT routes donations via an Ethereum smart-contract.Source:  | Source: ETH-USD

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What happened? And where does it go from there?

Our NewsBTC team connected with Butcher to learn more about “Care Package” and Butcher’s broader thoughts on the NFT landscape.

Butcher directs all funds for the “Care Package” to Care.Org via The donation block. Butcher purchased NFTs on Mirror. With every purchase of NFTs, funds are held in a smart-contract and sent to a Care.Org ETH account. It’s all-to-end crypto.

Butcher’s NFT debut isn’t his first. He shared his age with NewsBTC and said that he was only 3 months old. He had also minted “about forty coins” before that. Butcher made his April debut with “Oxygen“, a 1-in-1 coin that sold for 3.0 ETH (just over $ 10,000); the proceeds were donated to the India Covids-Crypto Relief Fund.

Butcher made the “” this month.RH 3684”, With 100% of the proceeds going to, a non-profit organization that focuses on crypto policy initiatives. The 1 in 1 NFT was sold for 5.5 ETH (more than $ 16,000) amid heated political discussions about crypto.

Butcher is leading the charge in empowering crypto communities to make an impact around the world. What is the motivation behind all this? NewsBTC was told by him that “watching the news and imagining what I could do would make the most impact, knowing that it is possible to reach out to NFT and digital art communities and increase crypto.” Inspiration? Butcher is inspired by projects that create mini-savings and play-to-win. He also loves commercial rights.

You can buy a NFT “Care Package”. HereLearn more about Here.

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