American rapper Tyga launches crypto-competitor of OnlyFans

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Crypto was recently suggested by a representative of the crypto community as a way to solve the problems OnlyFans has faced. Last week, the company announced that it would remove all its adult content by October 1. It was speculated that the company’s core content made it more difficult to pay Visa and MasterCard payment processors. However, it was revealed that the company wanted investors as they were turned down by the company for hosting the type of content they have on their site.

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It sent shockwaves through the community, and the news world. Many crypto enthusiasts have begun to invest in cryptocurrency. to suggestDecentralized platforms and payment services such as cryptocurrencies could help to avoid these problems. Bitcoin is leading the charge with suggestions on which type of crypto to use.

The company has not reacted to any of these, and seems unwavering in its determination that the site be rid of pornographic content. Tyga, an American rapper, has announced that he will launch his own platform. It will compete directly with OnlyFans. The Ethereum network will be used to build the platform the rapper plans on launching.

Tyga is a fan-only artist

Tyga, the rapper, opened an OnlyFans account nearly a year ago. Tyga had been a strong advocate on the platform and had even started a modeling agency. Too raw, which was designed to help content creators get on OnlyFans. After the ban on pornographic material, the rapper star took to his Instagram account to announce his departure from the platform.

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Tyga AnnouncementHe stated that he had deleted the account on the platform and was launching OnlyFans as his competitor. MyystarThis would allow content creators greater freedom and reduce revenue. The public can enjoy a higher quality viewing experience. According to the press release, Myystar will take 10% of creators’ income as opposed to 20% on OnlyFans.

Build with a crypto-backbone

Myystar’s most striking characteristic is its use of the Ethereum network. The rapper seems to have taken market suggestions into consideration and followed them.

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Myystar will allow content creators to sell NFTs via the platform. It will also offer features that are relevant to the music industry. This will allow content creators to create pornographic material and sell it as NFT.

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OnlyFans’ ban of pornographic content has had a devastating effect on countless female sex workers as well as adult content creators. Forbes quoted Tyga as saying that he wants to give people hope through his platform. “I know how many people make a lot of money on OnlyFans, and that’s where most of their income is. I want to give these people hope, ”Tyga said.

The Myystar platform will launch in October following the ban on pornographic material on OnlyFans. The site is operational at the moment and creators can register to join before launch.

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