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There have been many hot topics in the blockchain industry. In just a few years hundreds of blockchain projects and companies have experienced their ups and falls during multiple bear and bull markets. Some projects were instantly successful, and then vanished in a flash. Many entrepreneurs and businesses continue to jump into the endless stream popular ideas like moths in a flame. Only a few are able to survive. In the most competitive industry, where there are always ups and downs, perseverance is the key to survival.

Five years is not an inordinate amount of time in human history. It is remarkable that the blockchain industry, which is primarily designed to make money fast, can operate for five years. ViaBTC’s official launch in 2016 of ViaBTC Pool has been a long journey, one step at the time. It now has five major companies operating in the blockchain industry: a mining pool, an exchange, wallet and public chain, as well as capital. ViaBTC is one of the largest blockchain companies with a commercial presence.

ViaBTC – Starting in the mining pool to provide miners the best service

ViaBTC Pool gained a lot of attention from the industry immediately after its official launch in May 2016. Its solid technical foundation and extraordinary operating stability impressed everyone. The newly formed Bitcoin client was used to optimize the broadcast and transmission capabilities of the Bitcoin network. It allowed miners faster and more efficient distribution of new Bitcoin blocks, reducing the rate at which orphaned blocks are distributed and ensuring stable incomes.

ViaBTC Pool is also always viewed from the viewpoint of minors. It produces visual graphics and communicates it to minors in a transparent and open manner with the aim of protecting the interests of their minors. ViaBTC Pool, looking back to 2016, has managed to stand out among the fierce competition of mining pools. It has attracted many miner due to its technical reliability and high-quality user experience. ViaBTC Pool rose to fifth place by the hashrate Bitcoin in less than five months. It has also maintained its stability over the years.

ViaBTC Pool however has a greater ambition. The Mining Pool pioneered the PPS+ income distribution model. It was the first to offer diversified income settlement options and maximize benefits for miners. ViaBTC Pool, in response to minors’ requests, introduced traditional financial instruments and two innovative financial services. [Hedging]And [Staking]So that miners can use financial tools to get a better return on their mining income,

ViaBTC Pool is a trusted technical support provider and has provided services to over one million users in more than 130 countries and regions. It is considered one of the top cryptocurrency mining pools, second only to BTC, BCH, LTC hashrates, and continues to be so.

CoinEx: A cryptocurrency exchange with a global perspective

After ViaBTC Pool’s technical stability was achieved, the ViaBTC Team took over the management of CoinEx. The founding team was more comfortable trading products because of their strong technical background in traditional financial broker services. CoinEx created the world’s first 10,000-TPS matching engine in May. It became the world’s first exchange to offer BCH trading support in August. In terms of trading volume, CoinEx topped all global exchanges in July 2018.

Due to its peer-to–peer nature, cryptocurrency can quickly become a universal currency. The global operation is essential for any business looking to develop in the blockchain industry. CoinEx has always considered the global operation to be the most important strategy throughout its many years of development. CoinEx quickly gained popularity thanks to its own core transaction matching system, which is extremely fast and easy to use. . It boasts a daily trade volume exceeding $ 1 billion and more than 2 million users in more than 100 countries. CoinEx is committed in providing trustworthy, professional, and safe trading services for crypto traders around the globe.

ViaWallet: Multi-crypto wallet for securing user assets

The security of digital assets is a major concern for cryptocurrency users, as they increasingly hold an unprecedented number of digital assets. Portfolio products on the market are not all that reliable. Some central wallets even trick users to believe they are decentralizing. ViaWallet was launched by ViaBTC Group in 2019. It supports over 30 mainchain assets, and contains over one million tokens. ViaWallet is designed to better serve crypto holders, exchanges, and mining pools. The wallet offers multiple derivative functions, including chain staking and transaction acceleration, and DApp Marketplace. This allows for more secure and convenient wallet services.

CSC: A public blockchain dedicated to building a high-efficiency blockchain infrastructure

ViaBTC provides three high-quality services to its users – wallet, exchange, and mining pool – and has expanded its business to include the entire industrial chain including trading and distribution of digital assets. However, many people with marginalized views have turned a deaf ear to the stagnant development in public channels. The public blockchain ecosystem is the lowest-level infrastructure, and its performance directly influences how far the industry can go. ViaBTC is a blockchain company that brings together the best in the field. Now, ViaBTC takes a look at public chain, the most important link in the world blockchain technology.

CoinEx’s mainline CoinEx Chain was launched in November 2019. It can process between 4,000 and 10,000 transactions per second. It can generate blocks in seconds, and confirm transactions immediately. The Ethereum performance was clearly a hindrance to the development of DeFi apps after the DeFi boom in 2020. CoinEx upgraded its CoinEx chain to the CoinEx smart chain (CSC), in May 2018.

CSC adopted the PoS consensus method after introducing smart contracts and making them compatible with EVM (Ethereum virtual machine). It will allow developers to quickly transfer applications from Ethereum into CSC. The 101 Validators facilitate decentralization and create a more user-friendly environment for developers.

ViaBTC Capital is the capital that will finance the development of the Blockchain industry

ViaBTC’s four main activities, mining pool, exchange portfolio, public chain and portfolio, have been developed for five years. ViaBTC now has a complete ecosystem that covers issuance, circulation and application as well as value discovery and the underlying Blockchain technology. ViaBTC is a global leader in blockchain technology. ViaBTC is committed to “making the world better through blockchain” and strives to grow the industry.

ViaBTC Capital was created in August by ViaBTC using its industrial resources and technical strengths. It aims to invest in Web 3.0, Layer 2 projects that combine DeFi and NFT with DAO. It supports outstanding project developers and innovative teams with shared resources and growth channels.

ViaBTC Capital also takes responsibility for users and provides post-investment services to developers. This includes basic technology advice, international marketing, and other support services, so developers can focus on blockchain technology, applications, and the ecosystem. construction of the entire industry.

The blockchain industry is still very young. Many entrepreneurs are lured by the lucrative myths surrounding the industry and have become entangled in it. However, many end up in financial ruin. ViaBTC, on the other hand, has remained true to its founding vision and aimed to be an infrastructure for the blockchain world. He is down to earth and dedicated to bringing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to more areas. He also wants to work with the entire industry ecosystem.


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