4 Privacy Coins Record Double Digit Gains, Statistics Show Monero Up 58% in 30 Days

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While bitcoin and many other crypto assets saw significant gains over the last month, privacy-focused crypto assets also have seen a rise in value. Monero has gained 19.4% over the past week, while the horizen token has jumped 6.8% and zcash has risen more than 7% over the past seven days.

Privacy-Focused Coins Record Double Digit Gains in the Last Month

Six of the most popular privacy coin are showing decent gains over the last month and the past week. One of the biggest winners was monero (XMR)This gained 14.2% in one day, 19.4% in one week, and 25.8% in two weeks. These are the 30-day statistics XMRThe number of visitors has increased by more that 58% since the beginning of the year. XMRIt is up 240%

MoneroThis stems from Cryptonote’s first implementation, the Bytecoin Network, which was launched July 2012. However, Bytecoin was not well-received by the public so a new chain was created called “Bitmonero”. This was later changed into Monero. The Monero network offers privacy techniques such as ring signatures, stealth addresses, “bulletproof” and privacy features are enforced by default.

Dash (TITLE)Another crypto asset that allows private transactions is Darkcoin. The cryptocurrency asset Darkcoin, which was originally created in 2014, has seen 16.6% growth in the past 24 hour. Dash rose 28.2% this week, and 89.5% in the last month. Since the beginning of the year, Dash has risen 28.2% and 89.5% respectively. dash (DASH)The value of the property jumped 198%

HyphenUsers can choose whether or not their transactions are private. Users who wish to send anonymously can use Network’s Private Send feature. This is a join based mixing service powered through a network server called master nodes. On August 23, 2021, dash ranked 56 in terms of market capitalization among more than 10,000 crypto-assets.

The token horizen (ZEN)Today, it is up as it gained 3.7% over the last 24 hours. HorizenThe native token is used to control participants’ digital footprint. Horizen (ZEN), a privacy feature that leverages TLS integration, domain fronting and distributed publishing, as well as TLS privacy features such zk–SNARKS, TLS Integration, TLS Integration, end-to–end encryption and client-to–node encryption.

ZEN has increased 20.6% in the past two weeks and is up 677% since the beginning of the year, according to statistics. As of press time horizen (ZEN)The market is valued in $ 874 million, and ranked 113 of 10,000 existing cryptocurrency assets. ZEN’s market dominance in the crypto economy worth $ 2.21 trillion is only 0.4%.

Zcash (ZEC).Today, ZEC is up 3.5%. Over the past week, zcash was up 4.5%. Monthly statistics show ZEC is up 64.5%, while zcash has risen 109% since the beginning of the year. Zcash was born out of an idea by zerocoin’s developers in 2014. The article dealt with a cryptographic principle called “zero knowledge proof”. Zcash, or ZEC, exploits a zero knowledge proof called zk–SNARKs.

ZcashIt has a market cap of approximately $ 1.8 billion and is ranked 74 of 10,000 assets in crypto economy. Zcash participants have the option to send funds from transparent addresses or secure addresses which offer greater privacy.

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Despite mass exchange write-offs in the past two years, privacy coins continue to gain value

While privacy coins have performed well over this past year, many have not done as well in terms 12-month payouts. Privacy coins face more challenges, as many privacy-focused crypto assets have been removed from the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the past two years.

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